I walk to the tall bridge,
above the placid water,
the cars flowing past me like the water below,
i stand on the hard steel bridge,
and let my body gravitate downward,
its a long drop,
the feirce wind splashes my hair behind me,
my eyes glaze over with memories,
the stars following me as I go under,
the night sky glares upon me,
split seconds pass as I hit the stiff water,
that the pain travels to my nerves,
i dont hold my breath as I slowly drift farther and farthrer down into the dark abyss,
my eyes see the bright moon still shining through the surface waves,
blood pours from my body as the water pressure forces itself on me,
my vision begins to blur as the moon is no longer visible,
just the grim darkness,
darkness is my friend,
swallowing my body as a whole,