Today i was playing a game of chess with a friend.

Thought i would strech the game till eternity, cause i cant let him win, nor i would want to loose. And i lost. It was a timed game!!!

I couldnt stretch it to eternity, it was not allowed in rules. Not everygame follows my rules.

It made me wonder why rules??

Does winning matters or that did i play the game by the rules or not??

Afterall a game is played cause one wants to compare the abilities and winning does matter in that case. For more Everyone have their own different abilities.. so winning is the only way to find the answer. Look at it like a war game. Either you win or you die. There is no playing by the rules as you are not sure wether your enemy will play by the rules or not!!
Captured in the thinking for the night, will sleep through it tonight!

And may be tomorrow i will start another game and decide then if i want to play it to win, or play it with rules!!