.. is the small moments of happiness between the creepy life otherwise. Like a piece of good humor in middle of a boring summer noon that makes you laugh your lungs out. Like a smile of a friendly face that you’ve brought with a gesture of care.

.. That was last saturday. We had lots of fun. Me, my Best friend, and Mr nice hands that i mentioned in one of my earlier posts. We all have a common interest in Photography. And so we went to a near by Natural Sanctuary thing, which is half a km from my place. It was a nice place, although the worst part was long walks to get one good photo, when sun was shouting its heat on us in loud bursts.

But we had our fun nonetheless. And it taught me one thing for sure, that whatever you do in life, is ultimately cause you have fun/happiness from it. Otherwise you won’t do it, right?

So yeah. these are a few pictures from that Shoot..

This is my best buddy, in a very retrospective mood after a good laughter that he gave us with the caption he suggested for a photo i was taking.

.. And this is the photo my best Friend P captioned, ” The drunken monkey!”

Lol. Now this is Mr nice hands, M, in his thoughtful mood, while thinking of taking a photo. The thought that he had was funny nonetheless, we were at a pond full of ducks. And there were a few naughty children that arrived right after us. One of the children was almost leaning over to the edge of the pond, watching a nearby duck with amusement. The duck was looking back at him with almost questioning glance. And M thought that what that small kid was going to do next, was to grab the duck by its neck and pull it out of water!! lol.

..And this is my favorite photo from the shoot. This is the bright flower that gave me a broad grin. Look at it closely. Can you see some expressions? oh well, i did. I saw the flower had a distinct expressions of ‘about to puke’ with its tongue out all the way. 🙂 can you see that now?

And this is Your’s Truly!!

ps. you can see more images here in my flickr. >> http://www.flickr.com/photos/epaneri/tags/indroda/