What is the similarity between Pablo Picasso, Lord Byron, and Dylan Thomas?

Of course, they all were grand creators in their own relevant fields, but they also had something else in common. They all had an immeasurably vigorous sexual life. In addition, researchers say that was not a mere co-incidence.

I think, it was not something that they were proud of though. It was a stipulation of closure that they required, to be able to feel. It also meant they were courageous enough to start all over again, every time they went through a bad experience. It made them more mature with every wound.

Khalil Gibran has said , in his letter to his long distance soul mate that he never met in his lifespan, the one who was an artist her self named May Jidah, that to be an artist it meant not to be a content human psych. He believed that being satisfied with something or someone meant that one is limited to certain boundaries. Thus, an artist knows no boundaries, no limits that his psych cannot overcome, to find an infinite land to the fore. The infinite time dimension that is inevitably underestimated by many, but has known to be quite the most affecting factor in human life, within which the distance is crossed from a cradle to a grave.

Thus, in conclusion, it meant that all artists are unsatisfied always, burning in the fires of their own dimensions of hell, chosen by themselves. Like she has chose for herself when she had enough urge to write the below verses.

I know,
The reason for your smile,
Is cavernous within my pain.
However, let me tell you,
A fact, you do not know;
The reason of my ache,
Is veiled by your vindictive smile.