Its definately been quite long that I wrote about any kind of music. But these days i listen to it a lot. I mean, my IPOD shuffle is on almost all the time, except a few hours of recharging the batteries and all. Probably the escapism from the world is on full blast with the music in my ears.

Surprisingly, am listening to music which lyrics i do not really understand. i mean, i am all for lyrics kind of person. For me, lyrics is what makes the song. but thats why i said, i am not listening to songs, am listening to ‘music’ , just pure music.

In my sister’s words, foreign language music. which includes, German, Russian and Tamil.

Yep, you’re right, i’ve written “Tamil”, and its as foreign as it can get for me! 😀

But I am still listening to it, because the music is amazing. And more over, the songs are referred by someone special. so yeah, silly as it may sound, that could be another reason for me to like them.

well, why don’t you try some of these.. and tell me what do you think?

Songs :

Ennai Konjam

Thottal po malarum