Five point someone.

To me, this book started with a big contradiction from the front-left cover page that started with a chetan Bhagat Biography and his education, and the end cover page that stated the five points why Hari, Ryan and Alok’s life were in mess because of all the stupid things that they did. From the beginning, I couldn’t see it as some close to real belieavble read, but just a fancy tale of an intellegent mind. Probably the how-to-do-worse-at-IIT and also how-to-miraculously-get-outta-it was something that the author has pondered over in this book. Those characters potrayed in the book are probably someones that the author hasn’t been in the shoes of. Probably that is. Well, his GPAs throughout the IIT and IIM says otherwise anyways.

So even though the book was a good read, I still kinda felt it to be unbelievable in some sorts. of course a few of my friends from IITs and IIMs said the book to be mostly near to truth, It was still just a piece of fiction for me.

What was your take on this book?


ps. The next book I am buying is ON@CC from Chetan Bhagat. I like his style of writing anyhow.