Just like last year, this year also rain came totally unannounced. 🙂 and damn, so much i love it. I was talking to a friend in evening, about how childish i become about first rains. And how i’ve never missed a year in last many years, to be drenched in that drizzles and feel the rain drops on my face, cooling me to the core.

... And its here!!!

And it rained. Not much though, but it did. Shortly after i finished talking to that friend. Then me, Pranav and Riz went out, to an open space. lied down on the grass, looking up at the sky, watching the thunder make different shapes in those clouds and enjoying that calm drizzle. Oh yes, it was not all calm actually, we danced, played music, let people think we went crazy and all, but again, all is fair when you’re naturally very happy!

Overall, my day spent real good just due to the rain itself!

Thank you GOD.. Or Mother nature!