Today it was an interesting experience that I went through. An experience that left me thinking. Food for thought.

And may be thats what I am looking for in my everyday life.

So it went on like this, After like zillions of months I’d finally given my vehicle for thorough servicing. In morning when I went and gave my vehicle to the service shop, I’d decided that I would come back home on bike, with Prem.

I’d wake him up from his sleep by calling him up and then ask him to pick me from that shop. Everything was going as decided, but then due to unaviodable circumstances[!!] he couldn’t come and pick me up. So I later on decided I would go by a Rickshaw. Of course it is better meaning ful when we spell it like “Risk-show” But then again, I didn’t had much choice as my siblings were away and other close friends that I could ask the lift without inhibitions, were working and etc. So I finally took the rick. Went to a decent looking uncle who were sitting in a rick nearby to the shop, and asked him the price for dropping me off at my address. He started off gave me a very reasonable price. It was kind of surprise as here in my city, Ricks usually start with very high prices as we don’t have meter system here. I went on, and after like 20 mins, he dropped me off at a place nearby my house.

When I was paying him and starting to leave from the rick, he asked me,
“Ek baat bataaun Memsaab?” [can I tell you something, ma’am?]

I said, “haan.. bolo..” [yeah.. go ahead.]

“Jab aap rick me bethne ke liye aayi tab main yeh “Mantra” meri notebook mein likh raha tha.. aur muje pata tha ki mere aur paanch baar woh mantra likhne ke baad, mere aaj ke khane ka bandobast Maa Gayatri kar degi.” [ when you came to take my rick, i was writing this “Gayatri” Chant in my notebook. And i knew that after I repeat writing it for more five times, i shall earn enough money to get one time food due to the good grace of Goddess Gayatri.And he said that with a genuine smile on his face. The one that made me smile as he drove off.

He actually was more happy cause, he thought it was Goddess Gayatri who made him earn that money. Surprisingly he was more sure of Goddess Gayatri’s involvement cause when I gave my home address, it started with the refrerence of a Big Temple of Gayatri which is situated in my sector where I live. He had such faith, it surprised me.

Wish I could belive in something like that…

Well, Being a science student, I can’t believe in something invisible so easily, can I?