Watched the movie Kahani today. It was definitely a lovely script and executed pretty well. but the most favorite thing for me was the Ever so inspiring poem from Rabindranath Tagore. ” Ekla Cholo Re ” and the icing on the top was the deep and powerful voice of Amitabh Bachchan singing it. Totally in love with it.

I’ve heard many different version of this – from different singers. Adding them here in the list of most liked to least.

1. Amitabh bachchan

2. Kishore Kumar

3. Lopamudra Mitra

4. Usha Utthup

Which one is your favorite?

a bonus i came across while surfing. a Tagore song. in Tagore Voice. interesting one indeed. only if i could understand sung bengali as good as i could read. 🙂

Update – one more version found.

Suchitra Mitra.