I unexpectedly open my eyes with a start this morning; in fact by some means I’ve felt him looking at me. My qualms get confirmed, as his angelic face is so close to me, watching me as he is lying by my side. Nearly staring.. Intense. I fall short to portray the strength. He has locked my eyes to his; the gaze is strapping and pulling. There is a mix bag of emotions in his stare; it’s a amalgamation of love, lust, desire, struggle and sovereignty. I feel it scuttle through me with his warm exhale of breath, pouring himself, his vigor into my entire being… we remain looking at each other and there is no need for physical contact. His eyes touch my psyche, struggling so frantically that I can’t help setting him free. He is the ‘just-right’ man of my life. So far he has survived with my imperfections, harmonizing it, so shall I. he senses it and beams, vanishing away leisurely into the haze. He has touched my soul right through; he has felt the affection, even the freeze of it. And now he is dragging his hand away from me.. Leaving a exposed vulnerability from where I allow him within. It crushes me but I will have to be daring enough to tolerate. I see him fading more, almost translucent, turning into ashen fog watched by my eyes. And I possibly will just lie there and observe. There isn’t any way I could imprison and seize the fog. He is bound yet free. His freedom is precious to him, and strangely enough it’s essential to me too. He has held onto it from a long time.. But he does comprehend that at the bottom of his heart, his liberty is mine too. May be someday I will claim it, someday he will be my strong brave knight and surrender it up to me….