Day 1

Day began at 6:30 with the loud noise of water forcing through the tap as hubby forgot to shut off the tap night before and I didn’t realize it was on until it started pouring cats and dogs in bathroom early morning. anyway, i had to get up to shut it and i am already up 20 hours straight since then.

started my day with the daily walk. yeah, i’m becoming regular in doing that too. cardiotrainer app on my xperia motivates me a lot to do more. already 25 kms done in a week. yaay to that!

breakfast came next. although i did it alone as hubby was late in coming home after his night shift. After he came home, next few hours went in a jiffy and before i could realize it was 2 in afternoon.

i got up to get to work, hubby was off to his usual sleep hours. i had a work – lunch – work schedule for another few more hours. After that watched the new animated flick “Rango” to freshen up. it was a nice. lovely little script that makes your heart go out to this little lizard protagonist. although i kept imagining him as johnny depp because his voice over was so effective.

a few sweet somethings shared with my love as i woke him up to get ready for his night shift. Had a lovely little evening snack[breakfast for him] and then he left for work and i got back to my work. and till now am doing just that.

Guess weekend is a concept thats wasted in my lifestyle.