[ The conversation begins out of no where, and lands up where A_C ends up saying that male domination of the society is a good thing!!!]

A_C: that’s, in one-way good too….

Me: why do you think that?

A_C: for social balance Ekta… generally a high-earning gal will marry high-earning male… that way richer will become richer….

Me : its just merely a term. It’s not likely these days

A_C : nope….successful female will marry only successful male… its rule that husband should earn more or at least not very less than wife…. there’s always some imbalance in family if wife earns higher or is more successful…

Me : 🙂 u are a typical indian male

A_C : i am just stating the social situation… i would love to see woman doing good…. but it isnt very good for society….

Me : its people like you, who are stubbornly thinking the same thing, that’s why there is no change in situation

A_C : ha ha…..

Me : the rule of evolution is that, one who is fittest would survive, whether male or female 🙂

A_C : let us consider we have a company with 4 people….

Me : 🙂 okay

A_C : company means firm….firm has 2 women and 2 men…. the two employed women will chose only the 2 employed for marriage…. this leaves 2 unemployed ppl who will marry…. ?! So basically its situation of rich getting richer… and poor getting poorer…

Me : now now.. why are you assuming in part of females
Me : let them do what they want to. 😀 I mean if I am the richer one, I might marry a poor guy who would take care of my house. to reverse the situation. And there are females out there who would think like me

A_C : yes…thats a good solution… but not possible biologically…

Me : why not

A_C : men have testosterone which doesn’t permit passive work….

Me : why do you define home making a passive work. its the most active work . men at jobs would work for only 12 hours max. The home making is a 24- 7
Me : 🙂 you got my point?

A_C : ok….yaar… agreed….
A_C : males are yet to get broad-minded….

Me : 🙂 glad to have proven my point:)
Me : yes they are

A_C : ha ha…ok… so whats the conclusion??

Me : no conclusions. Situation remains the same still 🙂