Life is stranger than a dream.

And much happier regardless of how cynical I have recently been. May be the whole last year was a part of a grand scheme to make me realize things in a clearer light. It became evident, how one has to come out a dream of what we think of our life to be, to reality of what it is.

May be that’s what being mature is all about. I remember what joy used to tell me, that being mature is all about accepting to live with things that we can’t change. Definitely I am not saying one should not fight, but accepting this fact has made it so much easier. One should not think of her self to be a superhero in this scenario and assume that she can change people let alone the circumstances or relationships involving those. May be that acceptance has lead me to a better and stable life now.

May be some relationships are meant to last forever. And I have realized that, knowing the support it has provided in the thick and thin both. And perhaps, some relationships are doomed to start with.

This post is to whole-heartedly thank the people who have been there for me, and will continue to do so. And goodbye to those who were never there in first place.