My ama-zica Goa weekend

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

That’s what came to my mind the moment I received a message from Naveen (Indiblogger) that said – I was shortlisted as one of the 60 bloggers being invited to Goa for Tata motors Zica launch event. I am usually a pretty introvert person who avoids most social gatherings, especially where I do not know anyone closely. Boredom is my nemesis and on top of it all, I am hesitant to approach strangers. But something made me say yes this time. Perhaps it was all about the attraction to Goa and the lure of driving on the scenic roads. My bags were already packed from the trip to Europe that I had just come back from on December 2, 2015. And so I left for the new adventure just three days later.

After an uneventful flight to Goa on morning of 5th Dec, the ride to the hotel was jam packed with action and adventure. A mishandled bag, Verbal banter on the phone with the guy whose bag one of our people had mistakenly carried with them – those were the few things that hailed the arrival of an exciting weekend that was in store for us.

Tata motors and Indiblogger Team was all set and ready to welcome us to Goa when we reached Hotel Alila Diwa. Post introduction and registration; we were lead to lunch while the teams expertly took care of our check in formalities. The lavish spread of lunch menu made sure we had the satisfaction of the mind as much as of the tummy.

I admit, it gets awkward to share a bed with stranger, but lucky for me, I hit it off pretty well right off the bat with my allotted roomie for the stay –Dr. Supriya Himanshu. A little siesta later, we were both fresh and aptly dressed to take on the Gonsua Beach.



Scrappy-Doo (22/365)


Today is the birthday of my dearest bestie Pranav. And this sketch is dedicated to him. I remember 15 years back, we used to call him Scrappy-doo for his innate optimism and willing to jump into any situation without fear. The association was pretty strong back then and even though he is matured enough to think twice before jumping into things, he still has this fearlessness that I absolutely admire. 🙂

Love of Old (19/365)

Winters in Delhi are a sight to behold, truly. So there I was, aimlessly wandering about Lutyen’s Delhi, taking in the scenery in the quiet calm that’s only possible at 6am. Otherwise this place is plagued with glaring honks and whirr of vehicles. The weather was cool, the air – crisp, overflowing with fresh delicate scent of dew.

The most remarkable thing I came across was the aged yet striking building in the midst. It was perhaps regal in the old era; today it’s crumbling away at the edges, still retaining a part of the grandeur in its solitary standing. It’s unoccupied except for nesting birds, a stray puppy running about after a squirrel, and a non-paying tenant – an old security guard – that was sleeping on his tattered mattress on the porch.

There must be a story behind this building. It’s not been converted into a shopping complex or office like others. May be it once belonged to a very important person in Delhi’s history, perhaps India’s future was decided in that large hall. May be this building is now haunted.

I yearned to ask the security guard the tale of this ostensibly eyesore of a dwelling that I find peculiarly fascinating. But it’s pretty early to awaken the guard for my unbridled curiosity.

I walked away with a resolve to come back. After all, this puzzle is as entrancing as any.

Ralph (18/365)


It took a few days to finish this one. Busy weekend with a surprise visit from papa kept me away from finishing it. Finally did the coloring today. I love this animated character for the sole reason that in his movie, his journey is about finding peace within himself. 🙂