Capricorns are like soft as feather on the outer look, but do not under estimate them, they are the toughest inside.

I believe it. In addition, it is true for almost all the Capricorns I know, who are close to me. I have seen it in each one of them. I admire that particular trait in all of them. So this is a post, about all the Capricorns I am close to, a tribute to the support they have always given me when I , being a Virgo, had a need for assurance. I think I always kick off real good with a Capricorn. Just like them for their practical approach and open mindedness about everything, this suits my typical Leo-Virgo qualities.

Starting with Pankaj[December 25], who is my younger sister’s friend but also a good friend of mine, who has always taken me out of my bad mood, with his charming smile and softness. Also he has been a undeniably great support in my birthday party preparation this year, it was unexpected though once I realized he was Capricorn, I knew it was bound to happen.

The second Capricorn I know is my younger sis Aagna[December 28]. Who is like my sidekick if I am a super hero! If I am Batman, then she is Robin. Lol. It mostly seems that I am taking care of her troubles and problems most of the times, but in the tough times of mine, she has shown a great deal of maturity and strong fortitude. I love her for who she is, and will always do!

There are other four Capricorn who are my close friends. First my Cousin Brother Vyom [January 1], then Saurabh[January 2], Nitish [January 3], and Gautam [January 10]. All of them share the identical Capricorn attribute. Tough guys yet soft exteriors.

The Next Capricorn that I admire is the Lady next door. The Mother [January 7] of the twins I am so fond of. I love those kids, and she is the proud mother of those naughty brats. They are just 10 months old now, yet they are devils. Aquarius kids, you know. But the mother never complains about the troubles she goes through, every night, since the night they were born and nights after. Neither I have seen her brag about these abilities, nor have I seen her whine about the troubles. She is one hell of a woman, and I am pretty close to her as well.

The last Capricorn I know, is my Ember[January 20]. Being born at the cusp of two signs, he has a lot of Capricorn traits sprinkled with Aquarius ones. He is soft yet naughty. He is tough when the situation is out of control. He is practical and stubborn. Probably because of all of those elements, he is the person I adore a lot!

So, here is goes, A cheer to all the special Capricorns.