Where is the bloddy democracy!?

Where the hell is the freedom of speech!?

If it was because they thought terrorists use blogs to communicate and spread, why don’t they stop emails, and for that matter kill the internet,phones, and even snailmails for that matter. I mean, no communication would surely serve the purpose of not letting any terrorist communicate!! It’s be pretty childish to come down to such level, but after DoT came out with this ban, I’ve started to doubt the responsible people’s IQ levels!

Every technological invention has its advantages, which can be used for good or a bad purpose. And you cant really stop people from using that technology. Its a personal thing, a pure matter of choice, and individually one should be punished for making a wrongful or sinful choice. Why should a whole community suffer from a few bad people’s wrong use of it. Where is our india going if this is what the outcome is after 7/11 mumbai blasts!

I’m so pissed off, and am not going to keep it cool or not talk abt it. Wether if that means DoT have to ban my blog, or put me behind the bars, because I’m going to fight for this till the ban is taken off!! This is totally unacceptable for me, and should be the same for the other indian genuine bloggers who use public blogging sites like typepad and blogger.com

What surprises me more is the dictatorship that they are showing off by simply doing it. Haven’t they ever thought of any consequences? Aren’t they smart enough to see where this ban will lead to? Do they really think indian people will take it lying down??

I mean, this happened the second time in less than a month or two, in my enviornment. First was the ban on the movie “fanna” which was totally childish and for political reasons. I admire Narendra modi for what he’s doing, what he has done so far, And he wasnt even actively involved in banning that movie, still his name was used as such. And unfortunately Fanna was not released in any of the theatres around, which to me, came out like a shock. If it was a public protest, they should have let fanaa release, and let people decide whether they want to watch it or not, and then people could have shown the dislike for Aamir Khan’s statement by not going to watch fanna. But putting a ban and not letting it release, is like a large knife cut on the freedom of the choice for people here.

And this is repeating again, this time with a second controvercial issue, blogging used by terrorist. Its even sounding so funny to me, i cant even imagine being it true. I blog from like 3 yrs now. I have been surfing and bloghopping a lot. And so far, I’ve never seen any terrorist write on a blog about when/where/how he is going to blast such and such place at such and such time. [ infact, if anyone who reads me, has seen someting like it, let me know..I’d love to see that blog] No kidding, but that notion seems so ridiculous to me.

Anyhow, If they think, banning a blog means they can ‘stop’ terrorists communication, then they are not just acting childish, they would prove to be having IQ in negative numbers. Why blogs, I know i sound quite repeatative, but still.. Why?!

*Sighs*. Why none of the DoT people has ever thought of putting a proposal of banning weapon making?!