Mumbai had a terrible auto strike on Tuesday which disrupted transportation for many people including yours truly. Specially in the month of rain, all this can create such havoc in many lives.

And its all for proposed hike in fare due to hike in CNG rates. In all fairness – CNG rates per KG is average RS 20. Usually an auto will give around 20 KMs average on mumbai roads. So to them its 1 Rs/KM is an average translation. Even more so ever, there are waiting gears added to the auto meters too. Mumbai autodrivers and cabbies earn a lot in just waiting in stuck up traffic which is a usual case on many roads in suburbs.

If we calculate auto’s maintance and Driver’s charges in addition to the cost of per KM , it should go about 4 Rs/KM. And we were already paying minimum of 5 Rs/KM till yesterday. I seriously don’t understand why they really needed that hike in fares. Anyway, the strike they did has made the government agree to them, and made changes in the base tariff. Now we pay 6.50 Rs/KM from now on.