You know sometimes you need to part with something you come to love so immensely for sometimes your silliness and sometimes other people’s faults. In my case it was more a case of later thing than the former. Anyhow I’m not going to get too deep into the matter, but just to sum it up, I kind of lost my domain name due to my domain name reseller’s disappearance. He probably broke and now running from the customers cause he is not able to help anyone. I am writing this post, first to just clarify my disappearance from blog world for some time, and also to make his other customers realize they might end up the same way. His name is Kalpesh Patel, and he used to have his office in Infocity, Gandhinagar, under the name Drushta Solutions at, now he has sold that out. Anyways, I’m planning to file a law suit against him, cause am not gonna let him leave easily out of this. I was very frustrated before, but now I am determined to make him pay for this. ..

anyhow, I’m back guys! And will continue posting as I used to.