Warning to you hunter,
when your hand will not be still–
when your mercy fails your prey,
is it you or he who’s killed?

If a vampire hunter kills without mercy, then how is he any better than those vampires whom he is killing? Mercy is a characteristic of humanity, so to remain human we must excercise it and keep ourselves above those which we condemn, else we are no better than they.


Vampire Shackled
For every bit of power,
another chain is dealt.
Your triumph finds your failure,
when the hunter hunts himself.

How does a vampire get his power? By biting and subduing people, of course. Now, what happens if there are no more people to bite or subdue? Uh-oh, no more power. Is a vampire even a vampire when there’s no one to feed from? A vampire, by definition, is a being who feeds from others. Think of this poem in terms of the Taoist meditation, “If a tree falls in the wood and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” If a vampire has no victim, is he still a vampire? So you see, everytime a vampire takes a victim’s life, he’s put himself one step closer to extinction– worse, non-being. So, you see, everytime the vampire grows more powerful by taking a victim, he actually gets less powerful in the long run. And, in turn, he’s hunting himself because he, better than any vampire killer, can push himself into oblivion.