Who am I?

I am basically a unplanned hippie and generally easy-going. I adhere to Scientific Principles, and I am a skeptic.

I tend to talk about a lot of things, and have opinions about everything I saw. I try to be straight-forward so when I say something, people will understand. I can talk sporadically. My thoughts jump around, and I’ll say whatever is there. Perhaps this will be confusing, perhaps it will not. I do some post-blog organization, but some things I leave as is. It feels more authentic. I try to maintain a regular posting schedule on my blog here at www.ektz.in , but occasionally fail. That thing called life likes to interfere. Other times, I’m just doing something else.

I’m a Half-atheist. What does this mean? Exactly what it says. It does not mean I will go on rampages against religions. However, when I disagree with something, I will say so and I will say why. Sometimes, what I have to say may seem offensive. Please know that it is not my intent to offend. This is, however, my space and my freedom of speech, and I write about whatever is on my mind.

More on that, I love talking to people having intelligent discussions. I’ve been known to not keep in touch with someone across the hall while talking at great length with someone across the country. The difference lies not in personality, but in the ability to converse.

Also, I’m a registered Jedi, politically speaking. Why? Because those Jedi life is all about harmony, logic, and not being (too) crazy.