A – Age: 22
B – Best Friends: My self
C – Car I Most want to Own: Land cruiser
D – Dad’s name: Manoj
E – Easiest person to talk to: Nemesis
F – Favorite Vacation Spot: Iceland
G – G-Spot: Lol! have one in brain too! 😛
H – Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
I – Intolerable: Fakes and Liars
J – Job title: Professional Evil Villain.. muhahah!
K – Kids: none yet. Want a few some day!
L – Last Book Read that I REALLY Liked: Veronika Decides to Die (Paulo coelho)
M – Mom’s name: Aarti(Aruna)
N – Number of siblings: Two sisters.
O – Oldest sibling: My elder sis ~ Ami
P – Phobia[s]: Water
Q – Quote you like: My beginning is the beginning of my end
R – Retirement Dream Home: Iceland again
S – Song you immediately turn louder when it comes on the radio: My vision – Jakatta feat Seal
T – Time you wake up: late mornings or when i am not forced awake by an Alarm clock
U – Unknown fact about me: hmmm. I am a Vampire
V – Vegetable you hate: Brinjal.
W – Worst habit: physical Destruction when I’m angry
X – X-rated film star you want to do: 🙁 Only if i knew any
Y – Yummy food: Italian
Z – Zodiac sign: Virgo