I don’t understand the logic of stopping to blog!! I really do not! I can consider the death of blog due to techinal reason. But suicides, i dont really understand, why?!

I don’t even want to get any deeper in that for analysation. Cause ot makes me feel bad at times. Just like through Emails, and Through IMs, I’ve also formed bonds through blogs. And I hate to see one die cause of one or other reason, either a peaceful one, or a frustrating one. Like i’ve lost The woman , Rhea and one of my very favorites The Neurotic one.

Of course, there have been blogs which came back alive after reaching the very edge of deceasing, giving threats that they might just Harakiri sooner than later. Such as The Anonymous Witness and Reshma Sanyal . And the thought of not being able to read them next week, sometimes makes me feel very melancholic.

Nonetheless, there are cases which provides me with the optimism, like of Nitz, Even apart from the long silence from the blog, i still have hope that it will strech itself from the dark sleep of coma and come back to the life. Of course, Aekta has been the one example of that as well.

After all, it leaves me with the feeling, that in the end, this is life.
Death happens. out of nowhere, yet there!
Cause, even the brightest shining sun, still must set!

Ektz. [ No hard feelings ]

ps. I’ve not yet considered stopping to blog, have you?