A book that made you laugh: Abol Tabol – Sukumar Roy

A book that made you cry: Childhood’s end – Arthur clerke

A book that scared you: The Fly

A book that disgusted you: Stephen King , most of his work

A book you loved in elementary school: The Treasure Island

A book you loved in middle school or junior high school: 20000 leagues under the sea – Jules Verne

A book you loved in high school: Sherlock Holmes – Arthur conan doyle.

A book you loved in college: Many actually. sci-fi by arthur clerke, isaac asimov. Emotional ones by Paulo Coelho, Philosophical ones by Ayn Rand

A book that challenged your identity: Veronica Decides to Die – Paulo Coelho. Made me realise so many things I would not be able to think otherwise.

A series that you love: Garfield. Hagar The horrible. And now Calvin and Hobbes.

Your favorite horror book: None I guess.

Your favorite science fiction book: Hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy – Douglas Adams

Your favorite fantasy: Artemis Fowl – Eion Colfer

Your favorite mystery: all Sherlock Holmes.

Your favorite biography: Experiments with Truth – Mahatma Gandhi.

Your favorite “coming of age” book: Atlas Shrugged. The one that evolved me as a person.

Your favorite classic: Shakespere. too cliched, isn’t it?

Your favorite romance book: Have never read mills and boons. But I used to write some, which so far has been my favorite.