Watched: Basic Instinct 2.
Rate: 4/5.

Quite similar to first movie, almost like a remake. Though I’ve always loved Sharon Stone movies, so i’ll be biased towards it
anyways! Just my perception, none else has to agree on that.

On the side note: I met up with a good friend to watch that movie. It was fun, cause its not easy to find an intellectual guy to watch movie with, where you’re sure, sleezy flirting is not gonna be followed meanwhile or after the movie. Instead it was a looong Photography theory class, that I loved attending. Discussed a lot of things, a lot of issues, and found a lot of similarities. well, thats not a common thing, is it?

Anyways, there will be more times with him later on this weekend. For now, It was just a thoery class.
BTW, he has really beautiful and expressive hands, he was very animated while talking, which largely shows his passion towards the subject he was talking about, Photography.

Keep enjoying,