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The arrogant, the aggressive. the one I relate to.

Whatever people has to say about him, I think he did the right thing for his self-respect. And He definitely deserves that award!
After all, when Materazzi ended up provoking him so that he head-butted him, italy already believed that they would loose if Zidane was to stay in the game. That where they did lost in my eyes , where they stoped playing by the rules, and thus zidane ended up not playing by the rules as well. Although we cant say italy has won just because zidane wasn’t tehre, but Materazzi did feel that fear that it might happen, and thus he used his tricks and politics to make Zidane get a red card, which seemed like an easy business, because zidane already have a record of having 14 red cards in his carrier.

Anyhow, everything is said and done now. I couldn’t get to sleep the whole night, talking and chatting with friends, and discussing and head-butting each other as well!! [ i don’t mean it literally, but then again, i did really want to do that after hearing those guys criticize zidane!:)]

Over all, lost three bets. had an interesting night. A lot of emotions were involved.

The football fever in me is over and out for next four years!

And yes, Zidane will be missed dearly.

A Personal message to Zinedine Zidane, if he ever googles his name and reaches this link… the possibility to that is one to million:D …
I Love you Zidane, whatever everyone else says, For me, You’ll always be the most genius player in football history.

PS. Am waiting for Zidane to say something over this issue… http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/story/5771836

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  1. Final and that too after the first half time is all the worldcup I’ve watched. Neither am I good foodball player or a fan. I hardly knew which color is which teamin the finals ;). All said, I still liked both the headers of zidane. The one that buffon took out and the one that materezzi took on. 🙂

  2. “Italy thought they would lose if Zidane stayed on” — what brilliance! If they thought so, they should have taken him out after 15 minutes, not after 115. Probably, the football psychologist in you can explain how this sudden fear gripped them.

    On the football field, provocations keep flying around all the time. Just because Zidane went crazy for a few seconds does not mean that provocations did not exist till then, and Materazzi invented them at that moment.

    People support Zidane because they feel he is the victim. They cannot come to terms with the fact that their favorite footballer — especially, these once-in-four-years football watchers know very few other people — lost his head. Hence they vent out their anger at Materazzi.

  3. Alex

    I dont know what Matterazzi said or what Zizou did what he did…but it sure was a sad way to end ones career.

    It would be unfair to sideline a career of brilliance and remember for this one sad incident.

    And hey…that last line was really cute…hehe 🙂

  4. Ektz

    “what brilliance! If they thought so, they should have taken him out after 15 minutes, not after 115. Probably, the football psychologist in you can explain how this sudden fear gripped them.”

    Of course, if i’ve to explain why i came to that logical conclusion, you’ve to first stop watching Ekta Kapoor’s Stories where *bad peopl* exist and always have a motive to start with.

    Italy was in the finals, cause they were capable. And they knew it too. Thats why everyone in the team tried hard. The scene is, After the 90 miutes are over, now there is more tention and frustration in the game, for italy as well a france. even in in the extra time, there are only few minutes left, and then there wil be a pentaly kick shoot out. Where every seeming stupid once in four years watching football type, would know that with zidane in the game, they have more chances of winning the match than italy.

    thats how the ‘sudden fear’ term kicks in. of course, its the “ekta kapoor” term you gave again, its not a sudden fear, it was there from the beginning, each opponent in the team has that.. which grows with the match coming to an end..

    anyhow, i guess again its like what i said to one of my friends recently, that if we have different theories, we’re not going to agree, so there is not point wasting time, trying to explain.

    well, you stay happy with ur ‘zidane is stupid to have done that’ theory and i stay happy with mine!

    issue resolved.

  5. uday

    that was an interesting point of view, albeit controversial!
    IMHO, I donot think Zidane blew his fame at the cup finale because he is gonna get his fair share of respect for bringing France to this level of soccer play anyhow!
    Also, it is not as if he has been doing these head buttals for fun in every game! I wonder if what the press claims really happened – him being called a terrorist!

    That would piss anybody off!

  6. well… it is below the dignity of any zizou fan to even comment on this topic… zizou is gawd… he shud be treated like one… and put an end to this…
    Let the ghosts rest in peace…
    the only thing i wish was he dhus have aimed for his balls rather than higher up…

  7. s!

    i guess you haven’t played much soccer.. but the abuse and under-the-breath gaalis are a part and parcel of the game, and if zidane couldn’t deal with it then it is a serious short-coming.. look at rooney!

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