Zinda is.. a Hindi remake/copy [a fame to frame one!] of a Korean film OLDBOY

But, I have liked the film, nevertheless!

Even with all the violence and bloodshed in the film, its still poetic, emotional at some level.

The best part is, if i would watch the korean movie, i would not be able to connect with the actors as well as i can with sanjay Dutt and John Abraham. Sanjay dutt has develpoed a super persona for such dark roles, and his acting skills are awesome.

To my rating: For poeple like me, is a MUST WATCH!

But what really makes me think after watching this movie and realising it is a mere copy of another movie, is… What do we call this movie copying? Do we call it plagurism or getting inspiration?

4 thoughts on “Zinda

  1. Renjith

    A frame to frame copy is a plagarism. But there are movies which are inspired by other movies of classics. There was this movie in malyalam which was an adaptation of Othello. The lead actor got national award for the potrayal of Othello. The basic story line is same but then the character is a folk art artist.

    Even Kyun ki though a bad movie is rather inspired by “One flew over the cuckoos nest” than a copy of it. I love jack nicholson

  2. Ektz

    @ renjith, let me tell you this, even though we may call it plagurism, is was still awesome. i mean, i wouldnt be thrilled watching a korean actor in the role of Sanjay dutt! you conntect to storyline in the movie, in a way, and thats why i better like this movie then the korean one!

    @Death, yep. at a very primal level.

    @bithya, yep. you liked musafir? you’ll like this too:D

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