4 thoughts on “Yiiinglissshhh!!

  1. Zee Bee

    What you say about the picture maybe common and correct, but applying the same ‘phunny’ laws.. shouldn’t the time of your post be 12 noon/midnight. There is no such thing as 12 a.m. (or p.m. for that matter)

  2. milo

    Hi there,

    it’s interesting to see my Dawn theme claimed as your work (with some minor changes).

    Replied by Ekta : I didn’t know there was a theme published by that name alreaedy. Besides, its a hemingway based theme, and i have just used ur graphics to create my theme. This theme template and “dawn”, code wise, differ from each other a lot, though i definately give you full credits for the graphics.  Thanks anyway for pointing it out.

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