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I read this today.. and i think i should forward this. I read it at here

Hey People,

I have to do this and frankly, I do feel a sense of shame and loss for words at the same time. I have written over a 100 poems in my life and I had published a few of them on www.poetry.com. After publishing 3 poems online, I did recieve a letter (Normal Post) from them and told me that my poem has been selected to enter a book of poems and that it would cost me some money however to buy it. I was really happy and so were my parents and my friends. I never bought the book and over the years, I had won recognition from other quarters, general appreciations from friends and readers. Some more poems published in poetry.com and I recieved a certificate saying that my poem was given the Editor’s Choice award.

But it was only a couple of months back that I realized that how my skills and my poems were mocked by some screwheads and the whole www.poetry.com thing was a BIG SCAM. Please do not fall into this. I had stopped publishing my poems over there long long ago, I think the real recognition is when people like you all read my poems and appreciate it. Luckily, I did not buy any of the books they said carried my poems.

I wanted to write this immediately, but actually forgot about it…It was only after a fellow blogger LL (Lifeintheselanes) asked me in the comments column if it was a scam. And very regretfully, I have to admit that it is a scam…

Thank you,


6 thoughts on “www.poetry.com scam!

  1. The Escapist

    Oh, I figured it out once they keep sending me snail mail asking me to buy the books.
    Can’t believe how stupid we could have been.

    Well, at least we learn from such things.

    Great site, thumbs up!

  2. Dreamy Eyed Gal

    well a long long time ago I also published 1 of ym poems on poetry.com and so did my sis…both of us got the mails from them asking us to buy books where our poems have been published..a relative also got the same thing…and we knew it was a scam

  3. Don W.

    Wow, I didn’t know about this! I’ve submitted 7 poems now to poetry.com. I got a similar letter in the mail recently for the first of the seven poems I submitted.

  4. I glad i tapped into your website i was afraid i would miss out on a wonderful opptunity i submitted a poem now they want me to submit another to prove that this poem is mine so they can read it at their convention

  5. sandra carter

    At first like most people we tend to want to believe that someone out there may like our poems.But it’s a fantasy we all as writers share.Regrets none just stop posting your work for the world to see.JUST BE SURE IF U CONT.TO MAIL UR STUFF BACK TO YOURSELF ,LEAVE IT SEALED FOR YOUR ON COPY RIGHTS…THEN NO HARM DONE I BOUGHT BOOKS WITH MY POETRY ON THE FRONT PAGE OF ALL OF THEM.JUST BECAUSE I WANTED MY SON TO HAVE THEM IN HIS BOOKCASE TO SHARE AND ENJOY WHEN I’M DEAD AND GONE.BESIDES POETRY IS MEANT TO BE SHARED WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE .ASHLAND

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