9 thoughts on “WTF!!

  1. Well i guess that mustve been thrust into the product by the legal team who mustve thought of all possible ingenious ways their customers could use their product and getting sued in the process!!! I guess this is a necessesity else ur looking at 100000000000000$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of compensation 🙂 Its better to sound stupid, rather than paying millions…wat say”???? 😀

  2. Ektz

    @ Anubhav, well, i dont know, thats the very point of my wondering!

    @ nithya and S!, just one question, does swollowing is *one* of the possible uses of dry cells?? i fail to understand for what reasons one would even attampt that!!?

  3. Z000nie

    I think I was tempted to try that once…swallow a battery. They were so smooth and small and cylindrical…very much like those Dairy Milk chocs you get.

    Damn, I neva thought they would strictly put up a caution notice for such a small thingy.

  4. Hmm…Well ektz u would b surprised by the number of ppl who drink battery acid for the kicks!!! Illicit liquor my gal. Inspite of all tat caution, there r ppl who still do tat back home in india, coz normal liquor cant give them a high!!! Reality bites…hrr.swallows!! 😀

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