Weekend trip

24 hours of time.
16 hours of travelling.
5 hours of jumping and playing carelessly into water.
Infinite minutes of just pure fun!

[[photos are taken off]] I have not taken many pics like all the time i do, this time i was busy having fun, and keepin my camera outta water! 😀

Now, totally tired and stressed. But loved the weekened nonetheless!


7 thoughts on “Weekend trip

  1. Ullas says:

    Hey…you inspired me ‘couch potato’ to get out and do something this weekend…questions on what i actually did will not be entertained though…

  2. Ektz says:

    @ Renjith, I am not in 6th pic. I am in fifth one, wearing a yello scarf over my head! 🙂

    @ Ullas, umm.. its better that you keep the graphical details hidden:D

  3. wow!!!…sounds like fun!!!…I just had loads of fun during my sis’ wedding and really feeling lazy abt returning back to routine life and now ur post makes me wanna go out and have fun agn!!!

  4. Renjith says:

    ooh i was jus hoping u would let out her name..anyway she looks too much like kavi..and yeah thats a story only.. i wrote that in malayalam in 2001 I guess

  5. Ullas says:

    Pooh…there are no particular details to be kept under wraps…apart from the sight of two snakes mating…I found it rather amusing…but had a good weekend overall…went to a hill station…

  6. Rishikesh says:

    Hey!!!… Great to get to your page!!.. lady!!… come through!!!.. Virags page!!!.. he a great friend of mine.. and used to talk about your blog a lot!!!.. finally got there!!!..

    Neat one!!!

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