Thrill Ride (6/365)


Driving on roads of Delhi is definitely a thrilling(!!) experience on its own, yet my favorite are the times when we drive out to explore new places. And boy, do we see interesting things on the roads! 🙂


Recently a drive to Udaipur was filled with such gems. Look at the pic, At first I thought it was a guy standing outside the passenger door, literally hanging for his life, from that vehicle. Only later when we got closer to the vehicle, it hit me.

There were two.
TWO! outside the car!

Care to imagine how many are inside?

Little Miss Tidy (5/365)


Today’s sketch is a dedication to my elder sister who had her birthday yesterday. She is one of the strongest females I’ve ever met. Even though we have had out fights in younger years, I admire her a lot and look up to her.

Little miss Tidy reminds me of her because how neat freak she used to be. 🙂 But now after two naughty little kids I know she knows what “Mess” is.

Love you darling sister.


PS. I missed a day in the creative challenge. Have been feeling too ill to do anything. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and make up for the lost day.

Visual poetry (4/365)



This makes the artist in me very happy.

It’s a poetry, its a sketch, iiiiittttttttssssss Visual Poetry!!

Well, theatrics aside, this is one form of art that I’ve recently come to love. See if you can get the talent of this art form. 🙂

I seldom keep the shell of my heart open..
To capture moments in time..
One might just transform into a pearl.

Baymaaaax! (3/365)


I love animation movies. Sometimes way more than live motion. There is this simplicity about the core idea and freedom of implementation that animated movies have that is incomparable. And this one is a must watch origin story(sort of!) of a superhero from Marvel Universe.

Big Hero 6

Baymax is the cutest and even the funniest of all the robots ever made, hands down! He is sensitive and caring, and has a subtle sense of humor. I can definitely use one baymax in my life. To enjoy the feeling of hugging a marshmellow 🙂


Motivational – PO the Panda (2/365)


I have decided to take up a creative challenge. I will create/write/sketch/photograph one thing every day for 365 days. This challenge started from September 15, 2015. Here is the second installment in this en-devour. Its for sure that I will have plenty of sketches this time around. 🙂


Learning to sketch.. again! Dory (1/365)


I gave my self a birthday gift of an LCD e-writer this year, and damn its gotten me addicted like a kid to a candy, or a video game. 🙂 Now i’m slowly taking steps back to sketching, re-learning the art. Here is the first one I did.

sketched on BoogieBoard and later colored in illustrator/photoshop.


Here is the original sketch on the boogieboard.