Turning 25 – Happy Birthday to me!


25. Silver Jubilee.
What changes? A lot of things, and actually nothing.
Although I have received less birthday wishes this year, I think the forums and websites that I have registered in, has sent me enough wishes to fill up the void. 🙂 take a look.

Anyway, Last night, for the first time ever, I was not really expecting a JINGBANG about midnight surprise party and cake and all. Not that it doesn’t happen and all. My younger sister Aagna, the biggest culprit in all plans, always make sure I have my birthday party at midnight every single year. I’m sure she knows how much it really means to me. I mean, there was a funny incident few years back that I just remembered, along the same lines.

Its was my birthday, and a night before, I was absolutely angry, sad and frustrated. Well, it was a usual deal, due to my temperament and nature back then. And That time, I was not in mood for cake/candle etc. So a day before I had warned my sister strictly that I do not want a cake, or candle or anything this year around! And I also made it pretty obvious how serious I was when I told her that. She promised nothing like that would happen. With a sigh of relief, I had gone to my favorite place in the house just before midnight. I actually thought I wanted to be left alone. But you gotta trust my little sister, she is a smart ass, capricon btw, so she did came upstairs, with my surprise birthday cake and candle. just that cake was not cake, and candle was not candle.

She used a 500 grams bar of vanilla icecream, used chocolate syrup to write “Happy Birthday Sis” on it, and then had a small diya along with the icecream bar. 🙂 then she came to me as i was sitting on the terrace, sulking. she told me she didn’t break the rules as she didn’t bring cake or candle 😀 and then I had the most irritated yet happy smile on my face. She did know how much it meant to me.

Well, in fact last night as well, she did it. 🙂 This time the partners in crime were elder sister and my brother in law.

They arranged for cake and to my surprise, also a nice small “Teddy” candle. Well, i am sure joy is happy when he reads this.

And so celebrated yet again. With my loved ones near and dear. Missed a few people who I wished to be there, but then again, such is life.

Now, don’t I look like the one about to kill, rather than cut a cake ? 😀

7 thoughts on “Turning 25 – Happy Birthday to me!

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  2. Vijay Jadav. -" Vj"

    Hi, sorry, i m so late to wish, happy B day..many many happy returns of the day.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.
    Joyeux anniversaire.
    Feliz aniversário.
    Feliz cumpleaños.

  3. Elsie

    Hi! Cool 25 photo! Did you create it or find it somewhere? May I use it? I’d like to use it for my 25th online invite.

    Happy August Birthday!!! 🙂

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