Turn of Events


Last day was supposed to be a very very cheerful and happy day.

But a human mind is so complex, that it sometimes registers more pain than pleasure in the whole incident.

Anyways afterwards only five of us, the family went out to have dinner. We went for my dad’s fav place of gujju dining. “Pakwaan”. Of course I love the place as well, But this time when I was there, it reminded me of the last time when I was there, with him. And it brought me to tears, literally. I had to excuse my self to washroom, just so that my family doesn’t see me like that. Of course then I came back to normal state, but I kept thinking about it, about the time we spent there. I could also see a hint of recognition in the eyes of the manager there. But luckily he didn’t confront. On our way back after dinner, FM radio was on in the car. And suddenly came an old song… a favorite of mine. A very old song of a Devanand movie. The lyrics are like these..

Phoolon ka, taaron ka, sabka kehna hai…
Ek hazaaroon mein, meri behna hai…
Saari umar, hamein sung rehna hai…

… And there I was, tears streaming down my face, as I turned the other way to watch out of car-window. It was late and everyone was tired, so no one came to know. And How that song affected me all the while it was played, I couldn’t describe it in words.

I miss you.

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