Great things are happening nowadays, good career, hobbies taking off in a great manner. The new job is what i enjoy the most these days, I’ve just held my first paid session for photography [oh well, someone else was paying, not me.. lol].. met up with a few interesting persons on sunday regarding the short films and the fast-film-making that is gonna put us in Limca book of records is what we are talking about. It was damn good as well.

So all in all, life is going just pretty good.

Although, the moments of darkness, the no-so-pretty solitude, are never far away.

Are they?

The time starts… now!


3 thoughts on “The time starts… now!

  1. Alex says:

    Long time and lots of catching up…

    Congrats on the job…rather career switch! All the best and hey love this new layout! 🙂

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