Dont ask me what is that? šŸ˜›

I’m sure many have gussed, or rather thought first that it does look like gulab jamun. but the most interesting part is, it stil look weird!!

lemme tell you the story.

… once upon a time, a princess went into a kitchen first time, thinking as she can conquer all, she could also conquer the kitchen as well.

And so she started. Making the sweet that the king, Princess’s father loved. The sweet they called “gulabjamun.” in their country. Brown sweet balls those are drenched in sweet caramel.

She started preparing it. Of course it wasnt that hard as the receipee was written on the instant-mix packet! she smiled and proudly finished creating the brown balls.

Then came the turn of making caramel. She went on, adding sugar and water with right proportions, and putting it on stove to boil. She was supposed to keep that thing on flame, till the water reach a perfect density. she had to wait for 5 minutes for that to happen.

5 minutes passed. she waited. Nothing happened. The water hasnt reached the required thickness. 6.. 7.. 8 minutes passed. no changes! Princess is worried now, why did it not happen the way it should??

She waited more.. till 10 minutes. but then her patience ended. She thought of adding more sugar to get the required thickness. She went on adding, more and more…

.. finally, the thickness was there. smilingly, and with very much arrogance, she dipped the balls inside and let it rest to chill.

Now the time came when she was supposed to show the king, her creation. She smilingly took the gulabjamun out of the refridgerator, and damn!

The scene was extraordinarily shocking!


Okay.. no more stories… the truth is here.. The sugar was poured more than what was required, so the water was almost frozen. The gulabjamuns were not floating, but stuck to the surface, half protuding out, half inside.

Well, what can i say.. it was still quite delicious. And the King.. oopsy! my dad ate the some of the upper part which were easily accessable. and i wait here, for this to melt, so that i can retrieve the other halves.

šŸ™‚ moral of the story?? … i dont know:D

The “Sweet” Story!


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