11 thoughts on “The neibhour’s kid

  1. Ektz

    @ The woman, yeah, she is.:) i love her, and i love you too.:D

    @ Theloneliestboy, well, you just lost the chance, i already have “The Woman”! 🙂

  2. Ektz

    @ Narendra, i am not getting ur point, very sad it is! 🙂

    @ Zoonie, 🙂 thanks.

    @ Navjot, Thanks:)

    @ Dreamcatcher, its my neighbour’s kid. the one i love spending time with. They are twins, and she is the girl. We call her “Pari” and she is really a cure kid. I know them since they were born, and on 7th feb they had their fisrt birthday! damn! i cant stop talking abt them!!

    @ Ardra, i have been to ur blog very long time back, though welcome anyway, and thanks.

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