7 thoughts on “The Evening….

  1. ss says:

    the pic under “Recent Deviations” is brilliant….just wish you had cropped a bit on the top right hand side to hide the lamp…
    r u in flickr?

  2. Ektz says:

    @ The woman, same to you.

    @ Deeps, yep its so colorful, isnt it?

    @ zoonie, i think its more “turbulant”

    @ Nithya, yeah. i agree

    @ ss, because of that only i am feeling lethargic.:) and abt the other comment, well, i dnt think manipulating a photograph is an ethical thing to do! so i wont do it. sides, its not a lamp actually, its the window of my room, and the picture is taken in broad day light at 2 pm in noon.

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