The amalgumation called life.


Someone Wrote This to me:

I was going through your blog . Found it somewhat strange . You seem to like Tagore , Arthur C Clarke,Matrix, Powerpuff girls ; enigmatic writing , B&W photos , like constantly jumping between reality and fantasy and yet you hate long distance relationships , you hate VeerZaara-ish attitude , always prepared to exchange brickbats , as if you are still constantly churning , searching , sorting your memories – trying to decide what to keep, what to throw away and what to imagine as if they were there .Unique contradictions ,Maa’am -and unique attempts for resolving them!

And this is THE reason of publishing my writing!! **Smiles**

Anyhow, I checked out the results for the Johari and Nohari window. People amazingly agree with what I show my self as. [ The proof is that there is nothing under the FACADE list. It shows the my points that i know but not known to others.] And as long as i get to put down my rule and make people believe it as an order , i’m quite more than happy. **GRIN**

6 thoughts on “The amalgumation called life.

  1. Gokul

    Wonder who this “someone” was.. a pretty good analyst I guess.. neva thought one could concur sooo many things from his/her dislikes..
    Dont wanna sound nitpicky.. but the word amalgam has been misspelt in the title šŸ™‚

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