Spammer.. and me??.. Kabhi nahi.



But this page shows otherwise.. damn!

I have delisted my IP tehre, though after checking more into it, I came to see that there are a lot of other palces where my IP is listed in open proxy, and spam list!

This BSNL broadband dynamic IP prob is just adding more troubles to my already fucked up net connection! damn.

One thought on “Spammer.. and me??.. Kabhi nahi.

  1. Ravi Kamdar

    i have airtel connection, so cant tell abt BSNL. but if BSNL ip is on spam ip list, its a problem with all bsnl users..not only u. disconnect ur connection and reconnect, u’ll get a new ip. and if tht ip is also in spam list,,,,BSNL customers gonna have big problem!!
    its a mistake of BSNL as using their dynamic ip anyone can send spam mails. so ISP has to take care of tht.

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