Road Trip!



Okay, finally talking about the trip! I loved going out [prolly nowhere] and i love going somewhere lonesome. This used to be one such beautiful place in My surroundings. Its a Narmada Canal Syphon. Syphon, simply means that the canal and a river are crossing each other, and here the canal is passed underground , down the river. Once you pass the river and go to the other side of the syphon, there’s a watergate [manual waterfall] to let the water in the sabarmati river. Here the height of the fall is superb. And its awesome scene while u stand at the side of it, and are drenched with the water drops , almost flying around in the whole enviornment. At times, you’re like sitting right there within the rainbow, as the rainbow starts forming and u can almost tough the colors! Gosh, i love the place. its very very cool!!!

But due to the flood in last month, the river that used to be empty before the watergate area, is now all filled. And unlucily the road to syphon watergate is blocked. We went there and faced the same trouble. Either we had to walk around five kms from the place, and reach tht watergate. or we had to find another way. None of that plan seemed THAT interesting to me!! So we just stayed tehre, for few hours. And went back.

Anyways, i loved whatever time we spent there none the less.
but i wish it could have been better if i would’ve been reached where i wanted to go.
Again,there’s always the next time.

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