Rang De Basanti!


Awesome Movie. Awesome characters. First time the other actors are actually shadowing Amir Khan in his own movie! This is the first movie, that after the movie, I am not thinking about the actors after i finish watching the movie, but the characters and themes. After the intermission, for the whole remaining one and half hour I coundn’t stop my tears. The message comes out and touches your heart, Hell yes, it does!

Of course, Prem watched it for 3 times after it released, in two day’s time! I watched it once, but think i wouldnt dare watch it again, as it would again make me feel enraged, and hurt later on. But the theme of the movie has affected me a lot, and It would also definately affect my future too. But let me just keep that part a secret for now.

I loved that movie. It gets 20 outta 10 in my ratings!
Go watch if you’ve not watched it yet!

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8 thoughts on “Rang De Basanti!

  1. yep!!! I guess then i would like the movie too 🙂 !!
    Hey i watched zinda in video.google, I liked it. I really liked the story!

    John’s character was the cake i believe. Ruthless and cold.

    Anyways let me check out if rang de comes online 😉

  2. Ullas

    watched it twice…m still to get over it…it’s brilliant…i completely agree that the others have tried to outperform aamir

  3. Watching the characters as the role they play and not the actors themselves is in the mind of the beholder…Most indians dont do it. Every time an actor does something they ask how could he not understanding its part of the story…

  4. yeah I’ve gone crazy abt the movie!!!…and really feel revolutionized!!!…I mean i really wanna do smth now…i mean actually go out there and DO SMTH!!!…I’ve also written abt the movie in my blog…toooooooooooo good!!!…AWESOME!!!..this movie deserves all the appreciation it is getting!!!

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