Please take a moment to…

… to think over this random guy over here, who has been on my mind recently, giving me a lot of thoughts, and inspirations to write over…

… May i please introduce you to… LEOPOLD VON SACHER-MASOCH.

As for the ones who do not know him, please Google.

The ones who know, knows WHY i’m mentioning him here!:)


6 thoughts on “Please take a moment to…

  1. the woman says:

    okay, this is going to sound.. err, whatever.. but I love pressing you! 😛 *press me now*

    You are going to get more comments from me… yay, gonna press you again. Hehehe.

  2. archana says:

    u hv a cool flickr stream.. ur passion for pictures, ur friends and your “ring” is definitely worth a return trip ..

    but..jz wondering… how did ‘masoch’ get an artist of ur flavor?

  3. Sapphire says:

    know who he is … but the why is not clear., espeically since a lot of effort was previously made to separate the different worlds…

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