Open Reply to the ‘Open letter to Ekta Paneri’


Read this first, to understand this post better. This was an open letter to me, from a blog friend, Renjith , you can read it Here . And this post is the reply to that letter I received.

Open Reply to The Open Letter to Ekta Paneri.

Dear Renjith,

I read your letter. And there was a smile on my face after I finished reading it. It was logical, and quite imaginative in terms of the killing of time you must have done while thinking about that stuff. Of course, I would reply to it openly, as you’ve send it to me openly as well. And so with that, I would finally keep my promise of reviewing “ON@CC” in my words.

First about the book, it was nothing in comapred to the FPS. I think it was because the author had studied in IIT at some point of time, which made it quite close to believable. And believe it or not, that book had been quite famous because it had an air of reality into it, even though it was full of Filmi Drama. But then again, indian mentality people wants that drama in the books,TV,Films and other medias, to cut the slack off their own otherwise boring life. Chetan did serve that need of indian people in both his books. But then in the second book, largely cause of the non-familiar enviornment he dwelved into, he failed to create the same close to real senarios. I have worked in a call center since long, and I know what goes on there. Oh yeah, the cursing-between-the-calls-while-putting-microphone-off is real thing, so as the trying-smart-enough-to-ignore-flirting-bastards. But then after a while the concept of the book stubles to keep up with all the drama. I can say it was a good read, for one time though. Wouldn’t dare waste my two and a half hours in reading it again.

Renjith, Yes, we have discussed this book before. And you have asked that if i was the girl who told chetan the story, you certainly did figured your answer right then. Lets not wonder more about that. Anyhow, When you tried to comapre me to the characters in the book, you couldnt fit me in any female protagonist’s role. well, thats totally logical. True, I can not be Radhika, Esha or Priyanka. Just because I am Ekta.

Okay, cutting of all the bullshit aside, let me be precise. Ekta as a person has a shape and figure in the physical world, who is most of the times a person walking carelessly on the thin razorblade line between normality and abnormality. Ekta as a person, is like any other girl by appreance, Yet Ekta as a writer/blogger can be anyone in the real world and it wouldnt matter how she writes about. May be Ekta as a writer writes about what she wishes to be, not what she is. Yes, Ekta can be a middle-aged man, a teenage guy, or a bored housewife by that conclusion.

OR, may be, Ekta can also be the nameless female voice since the beginning, and till the end of the book, “ON@CC”. The voice who actually told the story to Chetan. The voice that Spoke to those guys in the car when they were about to crash.

Can it not? Go figure.

And yes, to my belief, Authenticity is based not on the identity, but on the presentation of ones self. So yeah, someday maybe, you may also realise that the idea of writing a book of your own with me as a protagonist in it, was total crap.

4 thoughts on “Open Reply to the ‘Open letter to Ekta Paneri’

  1. Renjith

    i disagree to the last line. For me till now Ekta Paneri is this character who has been
    a totaly interesting net personality. I may be at a freedom to imagine what i want with you as long as you take no objection to it. So i may still write about you, which may not be true to life but
    then true to my imagination. May it may be wrong to say that the protagonist is you, it just may end up that the entire book is inspired by you.

    and also the mail i send you is incomplete. i was writing this stuff in office when some urgent work came up and i had to quit in between. when i came back i realized that i had lost the flow and didnt
    want to waste another hour getting into the mood so send it right there.

    hey i guess two chapters of a combined novel is over .we may call it. “days lost on blogging”

  2. “All characters in this story r fictional and any resemblence to any person living or dead must b a conincidence”!

    I think disclaimers r there for a reason, dont ya think? 😉

  3. Alex

    Its very interesting….this whole online offline persona thing. My online personality is distinctly different from what I am in real life…..not my personal views but my behaviour as two different entities. Is that faking? Not exactly! Strange? Perhaps! I guess each one of us has a true side…perhaps a dark side…something that perhaps could not be so easily expressed in reality. So then….this online persona must suffice. Damn! I think I am rambling here…

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