My new Love


My new Love

Originally uploaded by Ekta Paneri.

I got this baby day before. 🙂 And am so glad to have got this one. Of course this is like taking a step back ward from digital world to a filmroll based one, but it has a real vintage feel to it.. and so far, as one of my very good friend says, it DOES give me a high, a kick of sorts while I click away the photographs!

So yeah, congratulate me all!:)

This is a time for another beginning.. and I shall be letting you know that asap! Winks. Keep reading.


2 thoughts on “My new Love

  1. the woman

    Oh. My. God.


    No, I’m not going to whine about getting one just like that. No.

    Sigh… congratulations Ekta.. hope you have a wonderful time with it. *BIG SIGH*

  2. nitz

    Is that a SLR? i am sure its one, coz i recently saw one owned by a professional. the same nikkon !!!

    cool, party kab deh rahi ho? :p

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