5 thoughts on “My Favorite Wall.

  1. the woman

    I like that wall and the flickr photos too! The baby’s you? Grrr… i’m tempted to bite that cheek off that baby.

  2. Hello,
    I got your address from the indibloggers.blogspot.com, under Ahmedabad. I need some help from you. I am doing my internships there during April -June, and I’d appreciate it very much if you could send me names of any hostels, where I can stay. The firm I will be working at is near the Sardar Patel stadium, and I’d prefer the ones nearby there. I actually feel quite dumb, posting here about this, but I really don’t have any contacts in Ahmedabad. that’s why I turned to fellow bloggers for help. Hoping I am not bothering you too much,
    Neil Padayatty.

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