Mangalore Pub Bashing


Read the whole story here.. Times Of India

What the fuck they were thinking?
And I mean the females not the bashers!
The females who just took the whole thing sitting down!
I know we live in a country which has males with double standards all the time. And extreme times like those, one has to be a survivor, and save her self. There will be just people watching what you go through if you just sit there and take it. This is my advise to all females who are distressed and fear this will happen to them. Do what I would have done..


Update : This is what the Hindu calls a real story behind the bashing. how idiotic and downright degarding!

2 thoughts on “Mangalore Pub Bashing

  1. Karthik

    It’s easy to say stand up and fight when one wasn’t there. But when faced with men who are willing to hit and generally act like animals… I think what they did was right. Run. Anything can happen in a disgusting mob like that.

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