Midnight Coffees..
Birthday Bumps..
Accentuated English..
Dashing Clothes..
Irate Customers..
FM in cabs..
So much earning..
So little time..
Late night parties..
Mugs of beer..
Crsuh on TLs [Team leaders]..
Fight for appraisals..
Die hard friendship..
Tears for love..
Nothing missing..
Just Everything.

People call it CALL CENTERS
We call it LIFE.

life.. as I used to call it..


2 thoughts on “life.. as I used to call it..

  1. pranav says:

    reminds of me, that once upon a time we have lived…
    SG Highway, Coffee/siggies, Bike no petrol, Rain, Late night to early mornings. those sun rises..
    Yeah we call it LIFE.
    miss ya ektz.

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