life.. as I used to call it..


Midnight Coffees..
Birthday Bumps..
Accentuated English..
Dashing Clothes..
Irate Customers..
FM in cabs..
So much earning..
So little time..
Late night parties..
Mugs of beer..
Crsuh on TLs [Team leaders]..
Fight for appraisals..
Die hard friendship..
Tears for love..
Nothing missing..
Just Everything.

People call it CALL CENTERS
We call it LIFE.

2 thoughts on “life.. as I used to call it..

  1. pranav

    reminds of me, that once upon a time we have lived…
    SG Highway, Coffee/siggies, Bike no petrol, Rain, Late night to early mornings. those sun rises..
    Yeah we call it LIFE.
    miss ya ektz.

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