Isn’t This Awesome!



Can anyone guess what or who is it?

Lol. I am sure many of you would figure this out anyway, that it looks like one of the “Power puff Girls” Picture drawn by some very young child. In addition, it sure is a very special and precious child in my life. It is my younger sister who has made this pic.

Let me tell you the story behind this one. Few years back, when PPG [power puff girls] were launched the first time, it was our favorite show. Because we are also three sisters, who had nature resemblances with those three girls in there. My younger sister saw us as them. Like every other kid do in his fantasyland. My sister thought of my elder sister as “Blossom” Who is calm, elder, a little polite, and well behaved. In addition, Blossom my elder sis also had one more same thing then, long hairs. My younger sis thought of me as the “Buttercup” The naughty one. Who is a kick-ass, short tempered and very emotional though outwardly pretty calm. Buttercup and I also shared one more similarities, short shoulder length hairstyle. Moreover, my younger sister her self was “Bubbles” The sweet, innocent one. Who is scared of dark, and Buttercup always pranks on her though they love each other a lot.

Oh heck, she was bound to see the resemblance, due to the similarities we three shared with those three. Again, who wouldn’t like a little superpower-trip. Lol. So there it is, a modified Buttercup portrait by my younger sis, as she saw me in her.

Did you notice the spectacles she made Buttercup wear?
Gosh, can’t love her more!!
Don’t you?

11 thoughts on “Isn’t This Awesome!

  1. Gee, I’ve always loved buttercup and keep saying I’m like her and all… but someone thought otherwise. Bubbles? Me? Perhaps. I took the PPG quiz thingy and turned out.. I was bubbles.. pooey pooey poo.

    Buttercup just kicksass… hmmm, you do too. Hah.

  2. lucky

    i think you are batman, agna is dee dee , amididi is blossam…..
    and i m dextor…he..he
    ok i want to tell u today in my clinic in hospital i saw a girl just like u…she wore shirt (male kinda) and just looks like u..her name is shaweta and she is my teacher’ doing pg in medicin.she has got similer eyes as u.
    bye tc

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