5 thoughts on “Gujarati Hip Hop!

  1. JimJohnson says:

    Cool Video Ektz, and thanks for the tips on fixing the theme.. any chance you can send me an edited version of the theme?

  2. although i dint watch the video but the very name karmacy brought back some great music to my mind… i like one song in particular blood brothers.. and these guys have really carved a nuche for themselves in the asian hip hop community…

  3. the woman says:

    This is my first time… gujju hip hop.. like wow! Make it double! pow wow! Cool shit I say. Okay fine, i don’t get what they are saying.. but the music.. wooo…

    Thanks for sharing hunz.

    Ps: Damn, I keep falling in love with indian men. Sigh… sinful men.

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