3 thoughts on “Google it!

  1. Ravi Kamdar

    I am not getting you…Use Airtel and express yourself . sorry that was bad PJ.
    Anyways,let me guess. whats the cache in telling people that you are having *some* secret…ok than. Is this a game like typical girl who hides something but informs other that she has some secret and will not tell anyone. than tht person asks and she tells the secret to everyone telling not to share with anybody else!! Is this the case here??

    Or you are announcing that you can hold secrets

    Stop playing. Just let the secret out…..

  2. Ravi Kamdar

    sorry in previous comment i gave my blog link wrong. actually it is stored in pc and i just pressed enter. it refered to an old entry instead of whole blog.
    put some other comment module if you can so that we don’t have to type each time our details. i know word press has this type of module but somehow don’t working with your blog and my pc.

  3. Manav Arya

    Definitions of Arcane on the Web:

    * hidden or secret; esoteric

    * secret, mysterious, or obscure

    * requiring secret or mysterious knowledge; “the arcane science of dowsing”

    * Esotericism refers to knowledge suitable only for the advanced, privileged, or initiated, as opposed to exoteric knowledge, which is public. It is used especially of spiritual viewpoints.

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